Project Details Invena has developed computerized additive metering systems for several customers over the years. With solid-state flowmeters and all stainless components, these units are very durable and have high turndown ratios for precise metering. This unit has manual override to allow the operator to meter a specific amount of additive using a graduated bucket […]

Project Details Filling chemical trucks isn’t easy. The driver must pull as close to the dock as possible, yet the technician must still cross a gap between the truck and the dock to open the hatch and insert the hose. To improve safety and efficiency, Invena developed a telescoping platform that has special handrails that […]

Project Details Subsea oil well risers can be extremely expensive, so a customer developed a process to use coiled tubing instead of jointed pipe. Invena developed a dimple connector and tested under extreme temperature, pressure, and bending stress conditions to accommodate API Specification PR-2. Project Info Category Projects Date 2 Jul, 2017 Client OneSubsea PROJECTS […]

Project Details Outside the military, it is tough to find data acquisition systems design for severe-service, outdoor operation. Invena developed a ultra low-noise DAQ system (shown at the right in the photo) based on National Instruments architecture for up to four channels of high-rate simultaneous data collection. Project Info Category Projects Date 17 May, 2016 […]

Project Details Invena developed a series of diesel-driven hydraulic powerpacks with DNV 2.7-1 certification for offshore use. These rugged units feature stainless steel cabin with climate control and an integral close-circuit video system for monitoring locations without line of sight. Project Info Category Projects Date 3 Mar, 2014 Client Various PROJECTS Related projects Projects Additive […]

Project Details In the extreme temperatures of the desert and the arctic, commercially-available computer equipment can’t survive. Invena developed this portable WiFi hotspot that can operate from -40° to 120°F in direct sunlight. It includes a solid-state heating and cooling system and is sealed to keep out all contaminants and weather. Project Info Category Projects […]

Project Details A manufacturer in Oklahoma suddenly closed their facility, leaving a customer’s giant computer-controlled nitrogen pumper incomplete. Invena took over the project and completed the pumper and now provides training and support in the field. Project Info Category Projects Date 12 Feb, 2012 Client Sentry International PROJECTS Related projects Repair/Refurb Hydro Excavator Read More […]

Project Details The fuel supplier’s truck in Congo was used for sewage, water, and many other than fluids than fuel. As a result, the fuel arrived so contaminated that the rig would shut down after only a few hours runtime. Invena built upon military technology to devise a fuel purification skid that can clean fuel […]

Project Details A client in South America purchased a surplus helium plant. The manufacturer had gone out of business long ago, so Invena reverse-engineered the plant and made the necessary modifications and improvements to work in their facility and helped with commissioning and training. Project Info Category Projects Date 26 Jun, 2005 Client Indura PROJECTS […]

Project Details A customer wanted to use an off-the-shelf Panasonic Toughbook laptop computer for control and data acquisition, but there was no connector available. Invena figured out the pinouts of the smart card slot and made a waterproof adapter. It cost a lot, but is still the only one in the world! Project Info Category […]