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We’ve assembled, what we believe to be, one of the best leadership teams anywhere. Meet the people who keep Invena at the forefront of creative engineering solutions.

Matt Wilson, President and CEO

Matt is a graduate of Kansas State University and is a registered Professional Engineer. He launched the Company in 1998 after working for Air Products, the Supercollider, and Hydra Rig. He holds seven patents and brings expertise in cryogenics, test equipment, and oilfield technology to the company. He enjoys music, history, and drag racing in addition to his passion for his family and community.

Email: matt.wilson@invena.com

Cammie Wilson, Vice President

Cammie held careers in banking and e-commerce before joining the company in 2003. She manages QHSE and personnel for the company. She enjoys painting, antiques, and music. She and her husband, Matt are active in the community and have three grown children.

Email: cammie.wilson@invena.com

Craig Olson, Sales Leader

Craig leads the sales team at Invena and joined the company in 2001 after owning an auto repair business and several other businesses. Entirely self-taught, he is a classic entrepeneur and inventor and a major creative force in the company. He enjoys fishing, camping, and Freemasonry.

Email: craig.olson@invena.com

Angela Torrey, Chief Financial Officer

Angela held a career with CPA firm Kennedy & Coe and the Eureka School District before joining the Company in 2011. She graduated Cum Laude from Emporia State University. She enjoys her pets and spending time with her children.

Email: angela.torrey@invena.com


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