About Invena

Founded in 1998, Invena was different from the beginning. Rather than offering only a fixed set of products and services, we simply provided whatever our customers needed most at the time.

A different way of doing business

To this day, if you ask us “What exactly does Invena do?”, you are likely to hear “It’s easier to explain through a few examples”:

A customer in South America acquired a used cryogenic plant, but the manufacturer was no longer in business. Invena reverse-engineered the critical processes and helped install and commission the equipment onsite. Invena provides ongoing support both onsite, by phone, and by remote internet link. When obsolete parts are needed, Invena designs and build them. Several of the their staff struggled with English, so we brought along a fluent interpreter to communicate in Spanish.

A big fast-track design project was launched, but the hiring process was pretty slow for a large customer in Houston. So we set up a remote office at the customer’s facility and quickly hired and trained a dozen CAD designers and engineers to execute the project. Then we set up another remote office at the manufacturing plant in Tulsa to work with the folks on the shop floor.

“It’s obsolete,” said the manufacturer. However, the job must go on, so a customer in Canada sent the broken parts to Invena and we designed and built an improved version that replaced the old one. We now offer them over 70,000 parts through a customized online Ariba catalog focused only on the equipment and supplies they need.

Our customer had a job to do, and Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating. Rough seas had made work impossible at an offshore platform in West Africa. Invena designed and built state-of-the art equipment that allowed the rig to move smoothly along with the waves, and we installed and trained the operators onsite. Total project from start to finish: 90 days.

Today, Invena supports both small businesses and Fortune 50 companies in 70 countries around the world with the same customer focus. We are the “big red button” that every customer needs in a pinch to get tough jobs done.

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