Invena Named SBA Kansas Exporter of the Year
May 2017: Awarded for innovation and excellence in exporting

The Small Business Administration has named Invena as the 2017 Kansas Exporter of the Year. Click here

Lloyd's upgrades Invena Quality Certification to ISO9001:2008
October 2011: Extends original certification obtained in 2006

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance has certified that Invena's quality management system meets the new requirements of ISO9001:2008. The certification process took place after a comprehensive audit with no major findings. Click here to see Invena's ISO certificate.

Invena Acquires CNC Waterjet Cutting System
Jan 2011: New machine expands capabilities and schedule flexibility

With the acquisition of a new Flow Mach 2 series waterjet cutting system, Invena now has the ability to cut shapes from any material up to 5 inches thick with 0.005 inch accuracy using our new CNC waterjet cutting machine. The machine mixes a fine garnet powder with water, then shoots it through a nozzle at 60,000 psi to cut even the hardest materials. For more informaton see the Flow website.

New Website Launched
April 2010: New format lays groundwork for future e-commerce initiatives

Invena's website received a complete new look with many new features such as flash animation, product pages, photo galleries, and a new career center for current and prospective employees.

Purifier System Scrubs Contaminated Diesel
March 2010: New product targets remote oilfield locations and flood recovery projects.

Invena shipped the first two Model BB75 fuel purifiers after successful testing in Eureka. The BB75 is designed to pump and scrub diesel fuel at a rate of 75 gallons per minute containing up to 30% water and other impurities. The design centers around proven military technology used for cleaning jet fuel in the field. The system weighs less than 500 pounds (dry) and is air-transportable. A 5 hp Yanmar diesel engine powers the unit, which can be configured to either circulate and polish fuel in a storage vessel, or feed a distribution manifold to fuel other equipment. For more information, visit the Fuel Purifier Product Page.

PICS Auditing Certifies Invena Safety Systems
June 2009: Certification required for many large customers.

PICS Auditing has reviewed Invena's safety policies and training and certified that they meet the strict PICS standards. Many companies such as NASA, BP, Sikorsky Aircraft, and Timken require their contractors to maintain PICS certification as part of the supplier approval process. Certification puts Invena in the game for new projects and salels in the global market. For more information, see the PICS website.